"Kara has an amazing eye for elegantly simple and distinctive design, using best quality materials and finest craftsmanship. Whenever wearing Kara's designs, I feel well "put together" and admiring complements flow. Be they ready-to--wear or custom designs that we collaboratively create, every piece made by Kara is timeless treasure."
Margie M – Basking Ridge, NJ

"When we first met Kara, we were immediately drawn to Kara’s jewelry booth by her beautifully composed, colorful gemstone and gold necklaces and earrings. Her display stood out above all the rest of the artisan’s there. The natural beauty of the cut gems really sparkled and enticed me to look more closely. I always receive compliments whenever I wear Kara Raymond’s jewelry. The pieces I have are always perfect to wear either casually or for special events. Over the years, my husband and I have purchased a number of other necklaces and earrings in various combinations of color. love wearing Kara’s inspired jewelry."
S and R – Arden, DE

"I have been a customer of Kara’s for over 10 years. Here work is both contemporary and classic, making it easy wear everyday or for special occasions. Her craftsmanship is always finely detailed. I often get inquires about her pieces when I wear them. I am always confident in making a referral."
Kathryn S – San Mateo, CA

"Kara’s jewelry is well designed, and detailed. I wear my pieces for casual, work, and as well as dressy occasions. Each time I see her work there are new designs to choose from. Kara’s willingness to customize or do special orders makes working with her a pleasure."
Linda K - West Chester, NY

"Fine craft is a passion for me. Kara is a joy to work with, whether choosing pieces she has already created, or co-designing with her for a one-of-a-kind special order. I can tell Kara loves what she does, and enjoys assisting her clients to make a selection that is personally right for them. Kara has also worked me to create and send gifts to many of my clients. Each piece arrives in a lovely box with a ribbon, making it a joy to receive."
Elissa G - Arlington, VA